Rolling Chassis

Rolling Chassis

Everything to do with this bike is special and the rolling chassis is no exception. Built for NCR, the chrome moly tubing is MIG welded. Most significantly, the triple clamps are narrow, clearing the discs by millimeters. The shocks were specially built by Girling, one of the teams’ sponsors.

Our chassis is a carefully researched correct duplicate with either newly manufactured or fully re-conditioned original components.

Our starting point was a commercially available “replica” chassis. The overall dimensions were correct but not the details. A substantial re-work was necessary to get the stance of the bike correct and all the ancillary mountings and brackets in the right place.
Most significantly the top frame rail was straight, however the NCR frame has a 3 degree bend in the rails just in front of the seat so we had to cut the frame, bend the rails and re-weld it. This may sound like a small change but because of the length of the shocks it is a crucial detail to get the finning on the sump to be horizontal.

As far as authenticity is concerned the devil is in the detail!

The gorgeous gold wheels were made by Campagnolo. Fortunately, Campagnolos are still made but life is never that simple.

Today, the Campagnolos are made by Marvic, a subsidiary of Marchesini and the rear wheel takes the Marchesini cush drive. However, Mike’s bike used the stock Ducati cush drive. Not to mention the narrow triple clamps necessitating an especially narrow front hub.

We drew up our own reference and Marvic agreed to work with us, in fact they were very helpful. We had various discussions and then one day they came back to us saying: “oh, we found these drawings, will these do?” The title of the drawing was 1978 NCR Ducati. So the wheels, like the engine, have been made to the original drawings. Now, that’s authentic……

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